Workshop on Environment and Forest Laws 2023

Background & Context The first edition of the workshop on Recent Advances in Environment and Forest Laws for Oil and Gas Sector in India, held in Shillong in October 2019, played a pivotal role in addressing crucial issues surrounding forest and environmental regulations impacting oil and gas exploration and production, particularly in alignment with the […]

Climate Change in 2023

Climate change is a pressing issue that has been affecting the Earth for decades, and its impacts are only expected to become more severe in the coming years. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, are the primary drivers of climate change. As a […]

Time for a transformative clean energy deal?

The world’s largest oil and gas companies are making more money than ever while spending relatively little. European supermajors BP, Shell, and TotalEnergies have each pledged to become green companies over the next three decades but are still investing only a fraction of their capital in renewable energy. With everyone expected to report another string […]

Germany, France, and Italy Respond to Gas Crisis: More Coal, More Oil, New Suppliers

Russia’s threats to cut off the gas supply to the EU has led countries to seek out unforeseen measures that could jeopardize their climate promises. The Ukraine-Russia war has been ongoing for almost five months, a time period that has seen mass destruction, civilian deaths, huge displacement, global food shortages, and the significant disruption of […]

A Conversation with Matthieu Ricard

In a series of debates and talks designed to stimulate thinking and get the ideas and knowledge flowing, a joint event was organized by the French Embassy in Nepal and BEED Knowledge Center and Social Friendly on the “Future of Compassion in the context of Artificial Intelligence and Technology” in which the French Buddhist monk […]

Founders with Purpose: Monika Schaffner

What brought me to work in the Himalayas, towards individual transformation and positive global change? The answer is simple: I was born here. I was born into the situation of a country opening up to development. My father worked on a Swiss development cooperation project that built one of the first rural roads connecting Kathmandu […]

Founders with Purpose: Nirupama Rao

We all have a dream. In fact, I’m a serial dreamer – and once in a while, I try to make reality fit my dream. When I first envisaged a South Asian Symphony Orchestra in 2013 in a conversation with Viswa Subbaraman in far-removed Milwaukee, that dream seemed the antithesis of all that I had […]