Events of the Future Report – 2021 Edition

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With the onset of hopefully the last leg of the current Covid-19 pandemic, making way for 2021 involves a lot more introspection. The times when quick fixes were enough to solve issues are a passé. From now on and for a long time perseverance and continuous recalibration will be the key to achieving goals.

The event industry was one of the worst-hit industries in the world during this pandemic but that in no way means that revival will be long and painstaking. With the right mix of creativity, technology, and audience analysis, event organizers and planners can be back in business, delivering desired results like never before.

Technology will play a vital role every step of the way. The pre-pandemic world was getting ready for Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence-based programs, this pandemic has pushed us a bit closer to bringing these technologies into effect. The plethora of Virtual events and hybrid events in 2020 are proof of the shifting event industry trends.

Multi-platform and multi-micro events will shape the structure of the events that will take place in 2021 and thereafter. Spaces that are virtual and small physical spaces combined, will create the holistic infra of the events from hereon.

Creativity is at its peak. Literal out of the box or out of the huge halls and stadiums thinking is the need of the hour. Events that engage the audience on a more personal and intimate level will have more engagement and success rate. Audiences have had a year of one-on-one experiences which were earlier not as common, so being seated amongst a thousand will not seem to be as interesting as before. The shape of physical events will also have to inculcate changes to address the same.

Lastly, any format that is easy to bend and easier to adapt will be the format of the future of events. With a world so fragile and prone to pandemics, rigid formats are a thing of the past. The way forward is easy and interestingly more effective if one has the insights and robust value proposition.