The Ahead Dialogues

Working Towards a Resilient Future

SFC Asia (Social Friendly Management), South Asia’s premier boutique consulting firm, is excited to present “The Ahead Dialogues” – a powerful series of 20 events fostering conversations around sustainable development in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and G20 Group vision.

A Glocal Approach

Through this unique initiative, we aim to bridge the global with the local. Running from April to December 2023, “The Ahead Dialogues” is set to address the most pressing global issues – energy, climate change, sustainability, and environmental health.

Join us as we convene some of the world’s leading experts, policymakers, and industry leaders to share transformative strategies, innovative ideas, and best practices. We welcome participants from all over the globe, both physically and virtually, to contribute to this meaningful discourse.

Empowering Voices from Northeast India

“The Ahead Dialogues” will cast a special spotlight on Northeast India, bringing forth untold stories and unique regional perspectives on global challenges. We are committed to raising a new generation of passionate change-makers who are ready to drive dialogue for action.

Each of our 20 events will focus on a specific SDG, providing a platform for practical discussions and actionable outcomes. Topics will range from Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Transport, and Blue Economy to Renewable Energy, Circular Economy, and Biodiversity Conservation.

Experience The Ahead Dialogues

Become part of this transformative journey. Join “The Ahead Dialogues” to contribute to the conversations that matter and drive the change we need. Event details will be live soon.