Evolving Global Energy Outlook

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Session Recording

This is a session from Upstream Ahead Virtual Summit 2022.

The Context

When we stepped into January 2022, none of us could have imagined how the world would change in the subsequent few weeks.

Recovering from a pandemic, inflation on a global scale, supply chain difficulties, volatility of the energy markets, and finally, the Russia Ukraine crisis led to a lot of global uncertainty. And what has emerged in these past couple of months is, how energy is at the center of it all. And rising energy prices are putting post-pandemic recovery at risk.

Energy security within energy transitions has become a top priority for nations. Energy transition is not a quick fix, it will need years of successful and patient navigation. And the current energy landscape has also put a lot of pressure on the politics of clean energy.

This panel discusses these significant geopolitical developments and shifts and the pressure on fossil fuels, the pressure to move towards a cleaner energy mix while the renewables are slow in development to satisfy our energy-hungry world in the middle of a transforming energy system.


Moderator Ambassador Navtej Sarna


Ambassador Talmiz Ahmad

Mr. Praveen Gupta

Mr. Subhomoy Bhattacharjee