Purpose as a Differentiator

Social Friendly Consulting aims to be the difference of purpose for our clients, people, communities, and the planet by pursuing sustainable positive results in everything we do. We seek to fulfill this purpose mission for our clients, in our partnerships, and through our daily work—deploying advanced technology know-how and talent for an ecosystem of lasting economic, social, and environmental solutions.

Sustainability at Social Friendly Consulting

In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, organizations are making sustainability central to their strategy. But the pressure to make change also sees many efforts pulling in different directions. Businesses are walking a tightrope between purpose and profit, scale and agility, quick wins and lasting growth. We see a different way. Our ambition is to help companies shift from viewing sustainability as an obligation to an opportunity, tapping the long-term societal, as well as commercial, benefits of this approach. Sustainable doesn’t mean small. Responsible can be robust. We show you how.

Social Impact, Diversity and Inclusion at Social Friendly

Driving positive impact for our clients, people, communities and the planet—Social impact and sustainability are at the core of Social Friendly.

We have committed to be the difference and lead by example, using our voice, power, and resources to act. A supportive organization that honors diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We Stand Committed

At Social Friendly, we are committed to developing sustainable and profitable solutions for our clients. With expertise in operations and transformations, we demonstrate our values through diversity, equity, and inclusion and our mental health and well-being initiatives for our people.

We turn our company purpose into action in three ways:

1) Serve our clients by integrating purpose into their operations and having the highest enduring impact in each engagement
2) Partner with purposeful organizations to impact positive change in our communities
3) Help our people in their own purpose in an inclusive environment

This is just the beginning. We will continue to work toward being the difference for our clients, people, communities, and the planet—helping to bridge the purpose gap between intent and action.